Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Long Wait Of Norman Foster

I want to re-post a link to my piece on the director Norman Foster. Although Foster is best remembered today for being the director for JOURNEY INTO FEAR, the Orson Welles production most hacked apart by RKO, in recent years some film geeks have been rediscovering the director. Which is good news because Foster was a talented man who made significant contributions to classic film noir and Mexican cinema. 

I'm re-posting the article in honor of a showing of Foster's excellent Burt Lancaster noir KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY HANDS at the Patio Theater here in Northwest Chicago tomorrow night. I'm thrilled to finally be able to see this on the big screen. Watching it on scratchy bootlegs over the years, I've always hoped to see it projected. If you're in the Chicago area 2/26/14 this is the place to be. Only $5, and the Patio is a big, lovely old theater. 

Here's my article The Long Wait of Norman Foster over at Bright Lights Film Journal.

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