Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eric Beetner's 60 Second Book Reviews

Got a minute to spare? Hop on over to 60 Second Book Reviews, the new site from crime novelist Eric Beetner.

Beetner's a prolific crime writer known for rough and tumble thrillers like DIG TWO GRAVES and THE DEVIL DOESN'T WANT ME. And many more. This guy puts out so much material, most of cooked to a nice hard boil, that I don't know how he has sixty spare seconds to record his pithy book recs.

But, thankfully, he does. Beetner's a fine writer in his own right, so think of this site as a steeped-in-this-shit author sidling up to you to pass along a sweaty copy of some obsure little crime novel.

He's got good taste, too. He's covered Peter Farris, Duane Swierczynski, and Owen Laukkanen. Oh, and me. So three out of four ain't bad.

And as I write this he's just released an endorsement of Jason Starr's TWISTED CITY. Starr is the best. Really. The best. And, like Beetner, I think TWISTED CITY might be my favorite of his books.

Go check out the site. I hope Beetner keeps it up. Always looking for a new book.   

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