Tuesday, January 11, 2022

At the Movies in 2022


A running list of what I've seen on the big screen this year:

1. Nightmare Alley (2021)- Landmark Century Cinema

2. In Cold Blood (1967)- Music Box Theater

3. The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021)- Music Box Theater 

4. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)- Pickwick Theater

5. The Apartment (1960)- Music Box Theater

6. Scream (2022)- Logan Theater

7. The Scary of Sixty-First (2021)- Music Box Theater

8. Hiroshima, Mon Amour (1959)- Doc Films

9. The Conversation (1974)- Music Box Theater

10. Hud (1963)- Music Box Theater

11. Out of the Blue (1980)- Music Box Theater

12. Sundown (2022)- Gene Siskel Film Center

13. Strawberry Mansion (2022)- Music Box Theater

14. The Batman (2022)- Regal City North

15. Air Mail (1932)- North Eastern Illinois University (CFS)

16. The Sting (1973)- Pickwick Theater

17. X (2022)- Logan Theater

18. Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)- Landmark Century Cinema

19. Bigger Than Life (1956)-Music Box Theater (CFS)

20. Mask (1985)- Music Box Theater

21. Desire and Hell at the Sunset Motel (1991)-Music Box Theater

22. Lost Highway (1997)-Music Box Theater

23. The Outfit (2022)-The Quad Cinema (New York)

24. The Lady From Shanghai (1947)- Music Box Theater 

25. We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (2021)- Music Box Theater

26. The African Queen (1951)- Pickwick Theater

27. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)- Music Box Theater

28. The Northman (2022)- Logan Theater

29. 28 Days Later (2002)-Music Box 

30. Pontypool (2008)- Music Box

31. Unforgiven (1992)- Music Box

32. Inland Empire (2006)- Music Box

33. Marcel the Shell with Shoes on (2022)- Music Box

34. Doc (1971)- Music Box

35. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)- Regal City North

36. Light Sleeper (1992)- Doc Films

37. Top Gun: Maverick (2022)- Logan Theater

38. Crimes of the Future (2022)- Music Box

39. Sudden Fear (1952)- Northeastern Illinois University (CFS)

40. A Star is Born (1954)- Gene Siskel Film Center

41. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)- Music Box

42. Nope (2022)- Logan Theater

43. Mad God (2022)- Music Box

44. Resurrection (2022)- Music Box

45. Seconds (1966)- Doc Films

46. The Cameraman (1928)- Music Box

47. The Marriage Circle (1924)- Music Box

48. Roy’s World: Barry Gifford’s Chicago (2022)- Music Box 

49. Bullet Train (2022)- Regal Webster Place

50. Ratatouille (2007)- Music Box

51. Friday the 13th Part III in 3D (1982)- Music Box

52. Thief (1981)- Music Box Noir City Chicago (NCC)

53. Flesh and Bone (1993)- Music Box NCC

54. Among the Living (1941)- Music Box NCC

55. Street of Chance (1942)- Music Box NCC

56. Smooth as Silk (1946)- Music Box NCC

57. So Dark the Night (1946)- Music Box NCC 

58. Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)- Music Box NCC

59. Playgirl (1954)- Music Box NCC

60. The Cruel Tower (1956)- Music Box NCC

61. Stand By Me (1986)- Music Box

62. Rio Bravo (1959)- Pickwick Theater

63. Within Our Gates (1920)- Music Box (CFS)

64. White Line Fever (1975)- NEIU (CFS)

65. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)- Facets

66. Stir of Echoes (1999)- Facets


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