Friday, October 15, 2010

Beat To A Pulp: Round One

Lock the doors and dig the cash out of the mattress, Beat To A Pulp: Round One is available! I'm proud to be included in this pulse-pounding neo-noir anthology alongside heavy hitters like Charles Ardai, Ed Gorman, Patti Abbott, Hilary Davidson, James Reasoner, and so many more. This tombstone-sized tome is edited by David Cranmer and Elaine Ash and features an introduction by Bill Crider and a history of pulp by Pulp Serenader Cullen Gallagher. You can't afford to miss this book. Asses are kicked, hearts are broken, and we all end up face down in the gutter. Buy yours now!

Also available at Amazon.


David Cranmer said...

There was never a doubt that your fine story was going to start the collection.

Paul D Brazill said...

Yep, it's looking like a clasic. I'm saving up my zloty! Oh, and Makers & Coke is one of my favourite stories.Ever.

Jake Hinkson said...

Thanks gents!

Laurie Powers said...

Can't wait to read your story, Jake. And great post to announce it's arrival!

Nigel Bird said...

jake, i've just read a piece on you over at Death By Killing. unfortunately the arrival of my copy is in the lap of the posting gods, so i doubt i'll see it before christmas.
anyway, i wanted to extend an invite to you as part of my Dancing With Myself series ( to get there). i'd be delighted if you'd be part of the team kicking off 2011.
think about it and let me know.