Friday, July 23, 2010

Alan K. Rode on Caged (1950)

The new issue of the Noir City Sentinel is a superb piece of work, but the centerpiece of the issue is a terrific article by Alan K. Rode on John Cromwell's Caged. Long dismissed as just another women-in-prison movie, Caged is actually a top-flight piece of work--intense, smart, and fabulously acted by a cast headed by the exquisite Eleanor Parker. It also has one of the best endings in all of film noir.

You can check out Rode's typically smart and insightful piece here.

You can also read my treatment of the film in my essay "All Kinds of Women: The Lesbian Presence in Film Noir."

Caged is available on Netflix and elsewhere. Don't miss it.

Meanwhile, you can get the rest of the new
Noir City Sentinel by joining the Film Noir Foundation and making a donation in any amount (hear that? any amount). You'll get a subscription to the Sentinel, the best source of film noir news, history, and criticism. The current issue also features my essay on the different functions of voiceovers in noir, Rode's interview with Caged star Eleanor Parker, Imogen Sara Smith and Don Malcolm on British Noir, Vince Keenan on the Whistler series, along with much more.

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