Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Movies of 1944: LAURA

Check out my new piece on LAURA over at Criminal Element, the latest in my series on the key film noirs of 1944.


Anonymous said...

Great review of a terrific film. Dana Andrews's best performance,I think. And I agree there seems to be something missing in conveying the detective's obsession with Laura.

Vienna's Classic Hollywood

Naomi Johnson said...

Love this film, primarily for Clifton Webb's performance. So many actors would just make the Lydecker character snarky, but Webb played it with remarkable passion as well.

Yvette said...

One of my all time favorite films, Jake. Thanks for a great review. This is the sort of movie that can (and should) be talked about often. So memorable in so many ways. Not perfect, but close enough.

Jake Hinkson said...

Vienna, Naomi, and Yvette-

Thanks so much for commenting on this piece! I'm happy to see get such nice feedback on a movie that I've always loved. LAURA has that rare magic that touches some movies. A film doesn't have to be perfect when it's got magic.