Sunday, March 3, 2013

"I bet you're a big Lee Marvin fan..."

I'm pleased as all hell to have a story in LEE, the new short story collection from those degenerates at The Crime Factory. The collection features sixteen tales of the great wild man of American cinema, Lee Marvin.

Remember I'M NOT THERE, the surreal Bob Dylan biopic from Todd Haynes? LEE is like the pulp version of that but with someone more interesting than Bob Dylan. (Yeah, I said that. Who would you rather get drunk with? Exactly. Lee Marvin was a war hero, he did movies with everyone from Ronnie Reagan to Jane Fonda, and he consumed more booze than Ireland. Lee Marvin was, in a word, fun.)

The collection has a fine roster of talent including Scott Phillips (and who's better than Scott f-ing Phillips?), Eric Beetner, Heath Lowrance, Johnny Shaw, Jenna Bass, Adrian McKinty, Ray Banks, Nigel Bird, James Hopwood, Erik Lundy, Luke Preston, Ryan K. Lindsey, Andrew Nette, Cameron Ashley, and Jimmy Callaway.

Check out LEE.    

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