Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interview Updates

Just wanted to make two notes:

1. You can listen to my new interview with Patrick Culliton and Jay Varner over at Talus, Or Scree. We discuss Hell On Church Street, the definition of noir, and more. It was a fun talk. I love those guys.

2. One feature of the new issue of NOIR CITY that I wanted to point out is the long interview with Film Noir Foundation president Eddie Muller.  It's a fascinating nuts-and-bolts look inside the process of rescuing and restoring America's noir heritage. Muller has long been a hero of mine--and I suspect he's a hero to many of the regular readers of this blog--and this is probably the best interview I've ever read with him. He's fighting the good fight, racing against time to rescue as many classic noir films as he can. The interview captures Muller's frustrating relationship with the corporate entities that own these films and don't realize, or don't care, what they have deteriorating in their vaults. You can get the new issue with the Muller interview (and about a hundred pages of new writing on Gloria Grahame, John Garfield, and much more) when you head over to the Film Noir Foundation.

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