Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The FNF Interview Archive

above: B&B on the set of Huston's Key Largo

Most classic noirs were made anywhere from sixty to seventy years ago. That means that with every passing day we lose more and more of the people who made these films. On August 8th, for instance, we lost the great Patrica Neal, star of Michael Curtiz's brilliant The Breaking Point.

Recently, the good folks over at the Film Noir Foundation have assembled a wonderful video archive of interviews with some the creators of classic noir. Highlights include Lauren Bacall talking about
Key Largo, Harry Belafonte on Odds Against Tomorrow, Rhonda Fleming and Richard Erdman on Cry Danger, as well interviews with noir experts like James Ellroy and Paul Schrader. (Coming soon is an interview with Coleen Gray, star of noirs like Nightmare Alley and The Killing) My favorite interview in the archive is a long discussion with writer Roy Huggins, the (today) little known and underappreciated creator of Too Late for Tears and Pushover.

I have high hopes that the FNF will continue adding to this resource in the coming days, months and years. Go over there and check it out.

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