Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Issue of NOIR CITY Arrives!

The new issue of NOIR CITY is out, and I'm in it with a couple of new essays:

Women In Trouble: A look at the "crisis pregnancy noir" that started to appear in the late 40s and early fifties. I use films like NO MAN OF HER OWN, DETECTIVE STORY, THE NAKED STREET, and many more, to examine shifting attitudes toward sex, birth control, abortion, and women's bodies--issues still clearly important today.

Children of the Night: A look at the place of children in noir. Sometimes they were just props, other times they were used as witnesses to the failures of adults. In a handful of instances they were the protagonists, and sometimes they were even the villains. Films discussed include: THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, PITFALL, THE BIG HEAT, THE WINDOW, TALK ABOUT A STRANGER and a lot more.

The whole issue is another killer production from the Film Noir Foundation. Eddie Muller interviews William Friedkin about KILLER JOE (a movie I'm still trying to wrap my head around), Imogen Sara Smith examines the life and career of the wonderful Jan Sterling, and Vince Keenan interviews photographer Jonah Samson and and filmmaker Susan Marks. Keenan also kicks off a new column that mixes two of life's great pleasures (crime fiction and alcohol) with an overview of three new Hard Case Crime books and some cocktail suggestions.

Go over to the Film Noir Foundation and check it out.

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Anonymous-9 said...

Thanks for publicizing the new mag, Jake. Can't wait to see it.