Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pulp Serenade

As near as I can tell, there's no one quite like Cullen Gallagher out there mixing it up on the internet. Gallagher is better known to hardcore noir geeks as the brains behind the blog Pulp Serenade, a treasure trove of old and new crime fiction. On a nearly daily basis, Pulp Serenade churns out reviews of long (looooong) lost pulp novels and spotlights offbeat contemporary authors. Gallagher is a perceptive critic and a dogged archivist/historian. His joy in discovering a new dusty old dime novel is palpable and infectious.

Just last week, he unveiled a new series he's doing on critical perspectives, looking at the original reception of classic crime fiction. His first entry was an overview of writer Day Keene.

Lastly, Gallagher also contributed the fascinating essay "A History of Pulp" to the new anthology Beat To A Pulp: Round One.

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Paul D Brazill said...

Good one. Cullen is a beaut!