Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Exciting doins are a-foot. First, HELL ON CHURCH STREET is switching homes, leaving New Pulp Press and heading to 280 Steps. More on this to come, but for now let me say that if you want to grab a copy of the original first run of the book (with original cover by the late great Leonard Fritz) now would be the time to get it. The New Pulp Press version of HELL ON CHURCH STREET will be taken down in a few days. Get 'em while they're still here people. After that, HOCS will take some time off, cool its heels, and return with a bang on the 280 Steps imprint.
Speaking of covers, THE POSTHUMOUS MAN is getting a makeover. The great Michael Kronenberg has designed the book a doozy of a new cover, which we'll release shortly.

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Anonymous said...

I love the original cover of Hell On Church Street, and love the book even more. I got it when it was first published, and was exhilarated reading it.