Saturday, March 23, 2013


The Best Of NOIR CITY Magazine 2012 is available now. It's another beauty--a lavishly illustrated collection of essays, interviews, profiles, reviews and more. Contributors include Eddie Muller, Imogen Sara Smith, Vince Keenan, Carl Steward and many, many more. All beautifully designed by the great Michael Kronenberg.

As usual I've made a few contributions. They include:

1. Women In Trouble: The Crisis Pregnancy in Film Noir

2. Children Of The Night: Noir and the Loss of Innocence

3. Tom Neal: The Broken Man

4. The Little Story of Right-Hand/Left-Hand: David Grubb, Charles Laughton, and THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER

5. The Resurrection of NATIVE SON: An Interview with Edgardo Krebs

I'm proud of all of these essays--I think the Tom Neal piece might be the best piece of film writing I've done. So go get yourself a copy of this great book. I mean this when I say it: this is a must have for fans of film noir.  

Added bonus: all proceeds go to the Film Noir Foundation and the rescue and restoration of classic noir movies.

Check it out here.

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Walker Martin said...

I've bought each of the NOIR CITY ANNUALS as they were published. The 5 collections clock in at more than a thousand pages, each issue packed with excellent articles about film noir. Highly Recommended.