Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Posthumous Man: Reviews Are In

My new book, THE POSTHUMOUS MAN, has been out for about a month now and I thought I'd link to a couple of full-length reviews.

Mike Parker over at Crime Fiction Lover says "This is a quick read, but so much is packed in." Connecting the book to my previous novel, HELL ON CHURCH STREET, he notes, "Once again, religious questions predominate..." a point he explores by focusing on the relationship between the protagonist Elliot Stilling and his chief tormenter, and grand inquisitor, Stan the Man. Read what Parker has to say about the book in his five star review here.

At Spinetingler Magazine the Nerd Of Noir writes "Jake Hinkson follows up his head turning debut...with THE POSTHUMOUS MAN, another tightly written piece of nasty Southern noir that's dripping with old-time religion and blood." Read the rest of the review here.

In addition to these reviews, I've gotten some really nice reviews over at the book's Amazon page.

All in all, it's been a pretty good month for my nasty-ass little book. 

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