Monday, January 9, 2012

Til Death Do Us Part

above: Audrey Totter in TENSION. Sexy? You bet. Good marriage material? Not so much.

I have two new essays up at Criminal Element which look at noir's most imperfect marriages.

The first is Husbands From Hell, which assembles a rogue's gallery of cheats, liars, and malcontents. These are the kind of husbands who sleep with your sister and steal all your money before trying to have you bumped off.

The ladies get their turn with Worst Wives, a collection of the sexiest, and meanest, brides from noir's classic period. The dames are beautiful; they're also banging the delivery boy and plotting your murder.

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Mike Dennis said...

Good posts on Criminal Element, Jake. I posted additions under the men, namely, Zachary Scott in DANGER SIGNAL and David Brian in THE DAMNED DON'T CRY.

Under the women, I mentioned Kathleen Turner in BODY HEAT and Linda Fiorentino in THE LAST SEDUCTION.