Wednesday, December 17, 2014

'Twas The Dark Knight Before Christmas: BATMAN RETURNS

I have a new piece over at that is inspired by my recent realization that BATMAN RETURNS is both a) my favorite Batman movie and b) my favorite Christmas movie.

Check out 'Twas The Dark Knight Before Christmas.


waldog2006 said...

At last! I thought I was alone in thinking this the best Batman movie ever made. I saw it in '92, losing a day's pay for pulling a fake sickie, then on TV, then on VHS, then on DVD, then on Blu-Ray, then on BD with a commentary...But every time I recommend it to someone they either don't like it, or fall asleep before the end. I hadn't realised it had Dickensian roots, and have downloaded that novella. Thank you for a great appreciation of a great movie.

Jake Hinkson said...

Hey, thank you for such a great reply! BATMAN RETURNS really is an underrated film, one of a kind. I doubt we'll see a big superhero movie as strangely funny and oddly personal any time soon. Thanks again.

Todd Mason said...

That Walken's Shrek, a less clownish Trump, is the greater, more utter villain is also lost on too many. It's certainly, by me, a better and more fully-realized film than the first Keaton, and vastly better than the ponderous (and, as the first commenter notes, sophomoric) Nolans.

The animated MASK OF THE PHANTASM, the most sophisticated expression from that set of productions I've seen, might be my next most-favored.