Friday, May 9, 2014

Edward A. Grainger on Wyatt Earp

Western powerhouse Edward A. Grainger, aka David Cranmer, has a new piece over at Criminal Element called "All My Earps: The Many Film Faces Of Wyatt Earp." It's a smart, idiosyncratic overview of perhaps the most famous lawman of the old west. 

I differ on only a couple of points on the list. First, I've never been a big fan of TOMBSTONE. Despite the almost universally high regard in which that film is held, it's always left me a little cold. (I've always preferred the widely derided Costner/Quaid epic WYATT EARP which was released around the same time.) And I'm a far bigger fan of MY DARLING CLEMENTINE--which is on my shortlist of favorite John Ford movies--than Cranmer appears to be.

But disagreeing on the finer points of these things is half the fun. Check out Cranmer's list. Then go check out some Earp flicks.

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