Saturday, April 6, 2013

Frank Lovejoy and NIGHT BEAT

It's Frank Lovejoy week at the Night Editor.  Lately, I've done a lot of work on the great unheralded everyman, and in a happy coincidence, it's all coming to press at the same time.

In the new issue of NOIR CITY, I have a couple of pieces about Frank. The first is called "What Shows And What Doesn't: Frank Lovejoy and The Crisis of Masculinity" which takes an extensive look at the actor's life and career, especially his contributions to film noir in the fifties in films like IN A LONELY PLACE, THE SOUND OF FURY, THE HITCH-HIKER and FINGER MAN.
The second is called "A Voice In The Dark: Frank Lovejoy's Journeys into Radio Noir" an overview of Frank's decades-long career in radio. To read these articles--along with the usual assortment of great film writing from folks like Vince Keenan, Carl Steward and more--subscribe to NOIR CITY.

Lovejoy's great accomplishment on the radio was the terrific show NIGHT BEAT, in which he plays the dusk-til-dawn reporter Randy Stone. I have a new piece on the show over at Criminal Element. Check it out. I've also posted a link over there to a place where you can stream episodes of NIGHT BEAT.

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