Friday, June 15, 2012

NOIR CITY Summer Issue Arrives

The new issue of NOIR CITY arrives today. It features great articles by Eddie Muller, Vince Keenan, Mark Fertig, Carl Steward, Anne Hockens, and many others. I have two pieces in this issue: one is a look back at the making of THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, with a special emphasis on the author of the original novel, Davis Grubb. I also have a shorter piece on the film THE BREAKING POINT, starring John Garfield.

This new issue is a big deal. It has a lot of interactive features: trailers, film clips, slideshows of posters and stills, and even some 3-D photos. The Film Noir Foundation is now working in affiliation with TCM and Warner Brothers, so you'll be able to purchase copies of the films written about right from the magazine itself. This month also marks NOIR CITY's debut on iTunes as a iPad app. We're hitting the big time, people. And we're bringing the best of classic noir with us.

Check it all out at the Film Noir Foundation.


verymessi said...

Hello Jake,

A little of topic, but i wanted you to know that I just finished "Hell On Church Street." It was terrific!! Easily up there with my best reads of the year. It was the second New Pulp book that I read this year the other being Heath Lawrence's "The Bastard Hand" which I also liked. Interesting that they had similar themes.

Look forward to you next book!

Jake Hinkson said...

Thanks so much for reading HOCS. I'm so pleased to hear that you enjoyed it.

You know, I would love to do a panel discussion with Lowrance sometime about our books. We clearly have some of the same issues!

Mark said...

Nice job this time around. I enjoyed The Breaking Point piece a great deal.