Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Through The Camera's Eye

above: Audrey Totter looks into the subjective camera in THE LADY IN THE LAKE

The new issue of NOIR CITY is out. This one has been cooking for a while, but it's packed with great new material. Essays on the dishy dames of 50's British Noir (hello Belinda Lee...), the varieties of railroad noir, the music of Bernard Herrmann, the art of noir paperbacks, and much more.

This issue also features two pieces by yours truly. First, I do a book to film comparison of THE DEVIL THUMBS A RIDE (which reminds me, I have some exciting news to break in few weeks that touches on this film and its director Felix Feist, but more on that later).

I also have a longer piece about the use of the subjective camera in film noir. Rather than explain what that means, I'll just link to it since the good folks about the Film Noir Foundation have posted the article online. Go check out Through The Camera's Eye and consider becoming a supporter of the Film Noir Foundation.

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