Thursday, August 12, 2010

Noir City Chicago

Noir fans: if you live in Chicago, or if you're going to be in town August 13-19, you will not want to miss Noir City Chicago 2. The festival will be held at the beautiful Music Box Theater and will feature a collection of terrific films, many of them unavailable on DVD.

Some highlights:

City That Never Sleeps: This one has a goofy device (a ridiculous voiceover by, ahem, the city of Chicago itself) but it also features incredible location shooting in the Windy City, sexy Marie Windsor, and evil William Talman. Good stuff.

Nightmare Alley: Read my review of it here. In a nutshell, though, it's wonderful.

Gun Crazy: One of the best noirs ever made. Hell, one of the best movies ever made.

Cry of the City: vastly underrated and overlooked film from noir master Robert Siodmak. Character actress Hope Emerson steals the show as a murderous masseuse.

Drive a Crooked Road: If I could see only one of the films being shown at Noir City Chicago, it would be this overlooked masterpiece from director Richard Quine. It stars Mickey Rooney as a lonely mechanic taken in a group of thieves who need him as a getaway driver. This is a taut, touching film, beautifully acted and directed. It's not a famous film, and it's difficult to find, much less to see on the big screen. Go see it if you're in Chicago.

For more information about Noir City Chicago go to the Music Box Theater website.

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